In her current work, Oana Ionel visually synthesizes – through the Danube River – a series of conceptual aspects such as the border as an invitation as opposed to a boundary, the correlation between walls and bridges, the cultural connections along the river, and the diversity of the underlying epistemic scenarios found within the Danube Region.

In a reality where the tendency to build walls seems more enduring than the will to create bridges, the question arises as to how optimal a cultural diversity can coexist in a common space. An elementary answer can be drawn around the notions of esteem, empathy and resilience. Along the river, the borders become permeable, abstract and metaphoric; the Danube area develops into a common space where more than 20 languages are spoken. On a visual level, the artist proposes an immersive experience inside vast abstract spaces as symbols of surrounding vibrant life, re-configuring a potentially mnemonic map of the river and its secret stories.